Why Charity Bike Build and O3e?

"I founded O3e in 2011, after many years in the team building event industry. I became frustrated with the amount of money and materials being wasted, and thought there must be a better way. It all came to a head with a 'polystyrene moment', witnessing teams carve and paint 3 blocks of polystyrene to make a totem pole to reflect their organisational values! I still can't believe it, such a waste of time, materials and dignity!

And so, Charity Bike Build was born, where teams spend their time creating something of real value. It was an instant success and was followed quickly by our Wheelchair challenge and many more CSR team building challenges.

Our business grows year on year, demonstrating the demand and growing shift in organisations to 'do good' and to respond to their employee's needs to engage through cause.

We're thrilled that you have found us and hope to work with you soon!"

Peter Lindsay, Founder of O3e

Founder CSR Team Building O3e

A few of our satisfied customers

The event was great and your team were really engaging. The feedback here has been overwhelming positive. I have spoken with some contacts in other organisations, recommending you and I hope you will get further business from this.
SHARP Life Science
"It was great to have the opportunity to hear directly from the people supported by the charity"
The Wheelchair Challenge day was amazing, everyone really enjoyed themselves and a few people wanted to find out more about organizing their own Team session! I would highly recommend having this on the list again; the catering arrived on time, the basketball coaches were excellent and it was a great cause. I can’t actually think of anything negative that took place!
NBC Universal

I would like to thank you for the event yesterday and suggesting Teens Unite to be the recipients.  

The cause was so appropriate and hearing the work of Teens Unite yesterday from Debbie was a reminder of the reason the team work hard in their roles. 

Please pass on my sincere thanks to your wonderful team.   Everyone really enjoyed the event.

I wish you and the O3e team a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


A bit more about Charity Bike Build

CSR team Building Challenge, charity bike build, small teams, London

We're proud to say we are the creators of the original Charity Bike Build. In fact, Charity Bike Build was the start of our CSR team building journey. It was the success of this event, that led to the creation of more CSR events and the creation of O3e our umbrella company. 7 years later and it is still our most popular event, with almost 2,000 bikes now having been donated to worthy causes.

It's a hugely fun event, where teams learn how to build their bikes, whilst overcoming team challenges along the way. Teams may need to collaborate or compete to build the perfect bike for their child or adult who will be receiving it! Check out a Charity Bike Build in Action


Charity Bike Build Joiner Event


Next Date: 18th July 2018

Register your team today and we'll email you a joiner pack and payment details.

Suitable for teams of up to 8 people. Register as many teams as you like.

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building

0330 113 7170

CSR Event
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Join this incredible CSR legacy! 

We're looking forward to working with you.

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CSR team Building Challenge, charity bike build, small teams, London
CSR team Building Challenge, charity bike build, small teams, London
CSR team Building Challenge, charity bike build, small teams, London
Event venue, London, Westminster, Social Enterprise
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What is a Charity Bike Build Joiner?

Created to meet the needs of small teams!

A full Charity Bike Build can be cost prohibitive to smaller teams. By creating our Joiner Event, we are able to bring all the benefits of this great charity team building challenge to smaller teams, at a much more realistic price.

You'll be team building alongside other socially and cause minded companies. All of you looking to have a fun afternoon, connect with your colleagues and do something special for charity.

This is a great alternative to a volunteering day, with more focus and engagement from the team and the creation of something truly valuable to charity.

We even throw in drinks, canapes and a charity presentation at the end, so you leave the event on a real high.

"I just wanted to 'thank you' again for Friday - you and the guys were brilliant and brought out so much positive energy from the team.”

How it works

Working in teams of up to 8 people, you'll spend up to 2.5 hours, team building a brand new fantastic Raleigh Bike for a child or adult supported by the chosen charity. You will attend knowledge sessions, to learn how to build your bike. Team members will then share their collective knowledge with each other and overcome team challenges together, to build a fantastic bike! Don't worry, we have bike engineers to steer you and ensure you pass the all important bike MOT at the end!

The Charity will be there to get involved and share with you the work they do, and who and how your bike will help. There will be a charity presentation at the end, plus canapes, drinks and the opportunity to relax and mix further at the end

Our Bike simulator will also be there, to add another competitive edge to the event! Teams can complete to become King or Queen of the Mountain!

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All this for only £1,200 plus VAT. 

The perfect investment in your team AND your community.

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